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42m concrete pump

With the development of commercial concrete, concrete pump truck has more specifications and higher grades. The boom of the pump truck is developing in a longer direction, from the past 37 meters as the mainstream to the 42-45 meter.

Haomei 42m concrete pump is applicable to urbanization construction, featuring convenient maintenance, energy saving, strong adaptability, and high construction efficiency. The boom is flexible and fast, and the X-shaped outriggers occupy a small area, and the overall repair and maintenance efficiency is increased by 50%-70%.


1. Good power performance

It chooses Yuchai, Weichai and other engines, featuring low speed and high torque. The whole vehicle has passed the environmental protection test.

2. Original accessories

It adopts original German Splendid transfer case, American Eaton sunny valve group, German Rexroth main oil pump, German HAWE (Hawe), Italian multi-way valve,etc. Its performance is stable and durable, and the service life is increased by 50%. compared with other brands.

3. Optimized boom structure

Through the research and development of lightweight boom structure and processing technology, we choose high-strength steel, which is 10% lighter than similar products and has more stable performance. It has frequency conversion anti-shake function, which makes the boom more stable; the new 5RZ boom has a 15% higher pumping height and a 20% higher pumping range than other products.

4. Efficient pumping and easy maintenance

The pumping system is equipped with a large-diameter delivery cylinder, which has the advantages of good material suction performance, fewer times of reversing, high outlet pressure, and high pumping efficiency, which not only reduces wear and tear, but also reduces operating costs.

In terms of wear resistance of wearing parts, the use of new wear-resistant materials, processes and technologies greatly improves the life of wearing parts and reduces the difficulty of maintenance.

5. Flexible and reliable construction

The overall size of the whole vehicle is small, and the passing performance is good. Aiming at the problems of narrow roads and small spaces at urbanization construction sites, the whole vehicle is easy to move.

Technical parameters of concrete boom pump for sale:

Name unit HDT5350THB-42/4
output in theory m3/h 125
index of the pump carry capacity Mpa.m3/h 586
Theoretic pumping pressure mpa 8.5
bucket volume L 700
height of top surface of bucket mm 1400
model of distribution valve
S Valve
max. operation radius m 38
max. operation height m 41.8
max. operation depth m 29
open height of boom mm 8600
distance between front landing legs mm 8820
distance between rear landing legs mm 8500
distance between front & rear landing legs mm 8490
diameter of delivery pipe mm 125
length of hose pipe m 3
rotary range of boom
rotary angle of each boom
wire line control distance m 33
chassis model
HOWO ZZ5437S4667C
max. engine output powe kw 275(2200r/min)
max. engine output torque n.m 1500 /(1100~1600 r/min)
(××)out dimension(L×W×H mm 13650×2490×3960
total weight kg 35000
front tread mm 2022
rear tread mm 1830

How to choose concrete boom pump

1. Type of building

The type and structure of the building, site conditions and surrounding environment are all prerequisites for which concrete boom pump to buy.

Usually, in addition to considering the above factors when selecting a model, the amount of concrete pumping should also be considered, so as to ensure that the main functional parameters of the pump truck purchased are consistent with or slightly larger than the construction conditions.

2. Construction adaptability of small concrete pump truck

Generally, the higher the boom height of the pump truck, the higher the number of sections, the greater the pouring height and material distribution radius, and the stronger the construction adaptability. Therefore, choosing a high boom pump truck during construction can expand the scope of application of the pump truck.

At present, the main pump trucks are with a boom length of 28-37 meters, and Haomei concrete boom pumps completely covers this range. Because the pump truck is limited by its load-carrying capacity, its cost will increase significantly when the boom height exceeds 42 meters, so it is generally rarely used.

3. Production configuration

The product function of the pump truck occupies a very important position when purchasing, so it is necessary to set a high starting point for the configuration of the pump truck when selecting the model. Its configuration can be judged from its main parts and appearance quality.

4. Power system

Pump trucks generally use full hydraulic technology when they are manufactured. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to consider whether the hydraulic technology used is advanced. The quality judgment standard mainly focuses on the engine.

5. Control system

The operation and control system of small pump trucks is generally equipped with manual, wired and wireless control methods. Usually, wired control is more convenient and flexible, and wireless remote control can be used for remote control. Once the circuit fails, it can be handled by manual operation.

6. After-sale service

Since the pump truck is a special vehicle, there should be requirements for safety, mechanical performance, after-sales service of the manufacturer and supply of accessories. Otherwise, once an accident occurs, it will not only affect the construction progress, but also may have unimaginable consequences. We have technical engineers 24 hours online.

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