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The concrete boom pump 48m/52m is designed on the basis of precise data support of finite element analysis and dynamic simulation analysis to ensure the reasonable structure and excellent performance of the jib system.The results of calculation and analysis of the jib structure are verified by the national testing center for stress and strain detection And the actual conditions of consistency.

The characteristics of the 52m concrete pump:

1, the pumping volume can be adjusted;

2, pump truck stretch have speed stepless speed regulation.

3, boom rotary speed stepless adjustment;

4, equipped with an emergency brake device, automatic diesel engine speed device, save fuel consumption.

Concrete boom placer 48m/52m hydraulic pump system features:

Free flow closed hydraulic drive system, with a large output power and loss of small, smooth for the non-impact characteristics;

Intelligent control system to drive the oil flow continuously without interruption, and no loss of direct input drive cylinder work;

Without the need for cumbersome intermediate control valve block to reduce the impact of the change to avoid the oil temperature is too high fever, while maintenance is more simple;

Compared with the open system with a huge fuel tank, closed system requires a small tank, the tank is not easy to flow oil emulsion;

Unique buffer technology can reduce the system's high-voltage peak, even in the case of high output, the cloth rod vibration is small, tail pipe stability;

Electric proportional variable adjustment, so that the concrete output on-demand pouring.

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