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The data of small concrete mixer and pump


Towing Speed ≤8Km/h

Outlet DiameterΦ150mm

Drum Rotation Speed15R/m


Brand Name:HAOMEI

Max. output:15m³/h;

Introduction of small concrete mixer pump

HBT small concrete pump adopts full automatic operation system. This type small concrete pump combines the functions of mixing and high pressure pumping all-in-one. Double cylinder hydraulic pumping system greatly enhances the overall performance of concrete pump and ensures the concrete pump work under harsh conditions.

Working process of small concrete pump

Small concrete pumpis the combination of mixing system and pumping system. The hoisting system brings all the materials into mixing drum to mix. When the mixing is finished, the mixed concrete will be automatically discharged into the hopper for pumping. (During the Pumping process, the mixer continues to mix concrete). When pumping concrete, with the power provided by the hydraulic oil, the piston in the two main cylinders repeat the reciprocating movement, one cylinder forward, the other cylinder back. With the help of the swing cylinders, the S valve kept switching between the two concrete cylinders to achieve continuous pumping.

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