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What is 47m concrete pump

47m concrete pump is a new type of concrete equipment that integrates the functions of moving, pumping and distributing. It is characterized by high engineering applicability and high degree of automation,which reduces labor intensity, improves efficiency and reduces cost.

It adopts the bionic 6-section arm technology, which has super practical value. Its structural parts and welds adopt fatigue optimization design, which prolongs the service life of structural parts. Equipped with the world's leading boom active vibration reduction technology, the construction is safer.

47 meter pump truck features

1. Energy saving technology

Fully integrated with German Putzmeister technology, the number of reversing times reaches 29 times per minute (when the system pressure is 12MPa), the pumping efficiency can be increased by 25%, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by 10%.

2. Rotation anti-swing control technology

With the new rotation braking technology, the swing range of the boom rotation is reduced by 60%, achieving precise braking.

3. High wear-resistant wearing parts

The service life of straight pipes, hinged pipes, large pipes and small pipes is as high as 40,000 to 60,000 cubic meters; the service life of outlets and transition sleeves is as high as 60,000 to 80,000 cubic meters;

The service life of the spectacle plate reaches 50,000 to 80,000 cubic meters, the service life of the cutting ring reaches 20,000 to 40,000 cubic meters; the service life of the conveying cylinder reaches 100,000 to 140,000 cubic meters.

4. Fault self-diagnosis technology

It can monitor and diagnose more than 150 faults in real time, which can effectively shorten the troubleshooting time by 70%, saving you time and worry.

5. Security Technology

Boom overload protection technology: A safety valve device is added to the balance valve of the boom oil cylinder. When the load of the boom is too large, the overload oil pressure is automatically released to protect the boom from damage.

Hydraulic oil level automatic detection and protection technology: It can real-time monitor the hydraulic oil reserve status. Automatic warning will be given or stop pumping when the oil is insufficient to ensure that the hydraulic system is not damaged.

Technical parameters of concrete pump truck for sale

output in theory m3/h HDT5401THB-48/5
index of the pump carry capacity Mpa.m3/h 125
theoretic pumping pressure MPA 586
bucket volume L 8.5
height of top surface of bucket mm 700
model of distribution valve
max. operation radius m S Valve
max. operation height m 43.7
max. operation depth m 47.7
open height of boom mm 34.3
distance between front landing legs mm 9065
distance between rear landing legs mm 9780
distance between front & rear landing legs mm 9860
diameter of delivery pipe mm 9470
length of hose pipe m 125
rotary range of boom
wire line control distance
romote control distance m 33
max. speed km/h 200
brake distance m 12000
wheel base between the first & the second axle mm HOWO ZZ5437S4667C(HOWO Engine)
wheel base between the second & the third axle mm 1800
max. engine output power kw 1830
max. engine output torque n.m 275(2200r/min)
max, gradient ability % 1500 /(1100~1600 r/min)
total weight kg 40000

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