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1. Chassis of concrete pump parts

Chassis adopts the imported isuzu chassis three bridge, the Ⅲ emissions standards, according to the truck chassis design, apply the complex pavement construction sites .

2. The cab of concrete pump truck parts

Left-hand steering wheel, 3-seater seat; electric cab can be tilted, mechanical suspension system; cab with hot and cold air conditioning system and defroster, radio and CD player, electric locks, electric doors and windows

3. The transmission of concrete pump parts

Six s-tronic overdrive lube oil cooler

4. Axles of concrete pump parts

The first bridge: single tire, steering is not driven;

The second bridge: twins, driving does not turn;

The third bridge: twins, driving does not turn.

5. The suspension system of concrete pump parts

Front suspension: half elliptical alloy steel material is qualitative leaf spring, bi-directional hydraulic telescopic shock absorber

6. The braking system of concrete pump parts

Main brake: Full pneumatic, double loop, roller cone type, from the hoof on the front, rear wheels, ABS (anti-lock braking system), ABA (automatically adjust the brake lining gap device)

7. Frame of concrete pump parts

To strengthen the heavy double groove trapezoid girder, high tensile steel

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