Where to Find New Concrete Pumps for Sale

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The new concrete boom pumps for sale are mainly used for one-time pouring of ultra-large and ultra-thick foundation concrete with high demand for concrete pouring and projects with high quality requirements. Both the concrete pump and folding boom are installed on the car or trailer chassis, and the delivery pipeline is laid along the boom, and the concrete is finally output through the end hose.

There are 7 common concrete boom pump lengths, namely 21m, 24m, 28m, 30m, 33m, 38m, 35m, and 37m. Those with a boom length less than 30 meters are called short-boom pump trucks, conventional boom pump trucks are between 30-40 meters, long-boom pump trucks are between 40-50 meters, and those with a boom length exceeding 50 meters are generally called extra long boom concrete pump.

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Among the boom lengths of concrete pump trucks on the market, the most popular ones are between 24 and 38 meters. Of course, the length you choose depends on your own use. Different lengths bring different prices. The material of the boom is key to the service life and safety of your pump truck.

The boom is a key component of the concrete pump truck. It not only has to extend to a height of tens of meters, but also withstands the huge pressure when pumping concrete. The strength of the steel plate used to make the boom is higher than 600 MPa, which is equivalent to two 600-kilogram cows standing on a thumbnail. Therefore, for every meter added to the length of the boom pump truck, the material strength and other requirements for the boom are higher than one level.

The reason why the small concrete pumps like 38m pump truck is so popular is because of its simple structure and convenient use. For users who often change projects sites, small concrete pump trucks not only save time, but also save a lot of trouble. In rural areas, due to the narrow construction site and frequent transfers, small concrete pump trucks can greatly facilitate construction.

During construction, the site planning must rationally arrange the location of the concrete pump truck. Generally, the concrete pump should be as close as possible to the pouring site, and two concrete mixer trucks should be in place at the same time, so that the concrete pump can receive an uninterrupted supply of concrete and carry out continuous pressure delivery, so as to give full play to the effective capacity of the concrete pump.

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