What Are Features of Concrete Mixer Hydraulic Pump

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The concrete mixer and pump is a small concrete conveying equipment that mixes sand, gravel and cement into concrete and then delivers it directly to the pouring point. It has the characteristics of small size, strong practicability, economical and energy-saving, labor-saving and efficient, which can easily handle the construction of bridges, highways, tunnels, water conservancy, urban and rural housing, etc.

By combining a traditional mixer and a concrete pump as a whole and welding them on a frame with a wheel axle, the concrete mixer hydraulic pump can be quickly moved between several construction sites or multiple construction sites on the same construction site by a small truck or small loader. This can minimize the interval time and take over the nearest short distance to minimize the pipe laying time.

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No matter the construction site is far away from the mixing station, or it is a construction site that cannot be accessed by a concrete mixer truck or concrete pump truck, the concrete mixing trailer pump can mix on site and continuously transport it at a speed of 20 cubic meters per hour. Its conveying vertical distance can reach 70 meters, and the horizontal distance can reach 200 meters.

Since it is generally carried out by by pipeline transportation, it can significantly reduce the risk factor during the construction process. There will be no falling stones hitting employees or passers-by, no breaking of wire ropes and injuring workers, and no life-threatening consequences of the frame toppling over.

The concrete mixer and pump’s performance is mainly determined by its configuration. The higher the configuration, the better the performance. Currently, the popular choice is diesel concrete mixing pump. The full hydraulic system is paired with diesel engine power, which perfectly avoids power limitations.

Generally, the concrete mixing pump can be divided into two types according to the mixing system: drum type and forced type. Its principle is the same as that of an ordinary mixer, and it is one of the major systems of the concrete mixing pump. The transportation of concrete is mainly completed by the transportation system of the mixing pump, which is controlled by the electronic control system. Since the entire process of the mixing pump is controlled by remote control, one person can complete all operations. If you look for concrete pumping equipment supplies, welcome to contact us directly.

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