Mobile Concrete Pumps for High-rise Buildings

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Pumping concrete uses a concrete pump trailer or concrete boom pump to transport and pour the concrete mixture along the delivery pump pipe. It is an effective way to transport concrete mixture, with fast speed and less labor force. It is especially suitable for the high-rise buildings.

The mobile concrete pump for sale is modified on the chassis of a truck. It is equipped with motion and power transmission devices, pumping and mixing devices, boom system and other auxiliary devices on the chassis.

The concrete pump truck is a complex and expensive system. When working, the concrete is discharged into the hopper at the rear of the pump truck. The pumping system presses it into the delivery pipe and discharges it from the end pipe. During construction, the concrete pouring position can be controlled by moving the tail pipe or rotating the arm angle.

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The boom is a key component of the concrete pump truck. It not only has to extend to a height of tens of meters, but also withstands the huge pressure when pumping concrete. The strength of the steel plate used to make the boom is higher than 600 MPa.

It's equivalent to two 600kg cows standing on a thumbnail. Therefore, for every meter added to the length of the boom pump truck, the material strength and other requirements for the boom are higher than one level.

The small concrete pump trucks generally refer to models with a boom length of less than 30 meters. Because the price of a concrete pump truck is directly linked to the length of the boom. Relatively speaking, the shorter the boom length, the lower the price.

If the boom length exceeds 50 meters, it can be called a "long boom pump truck". The advantage of a high rise concrete pump is that the construction range is larger, which reduces the number of pump moves during the construction process and also reduces the time required to move the concrete pumps.

The boom system realizes long-distance transportation of concrete in the horizontal and vertical directions by raising, lowering, extending and retracting the boom without being affected by obstacles in the middle. Therefore, the performance of the boom directly affects the quality of concrete pouring and the progress of the project. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to timely maintenance of the boom.

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