What Is The Chassis of Long Boom Concrete Pump Truck

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After more than 20 years of development, the current design level and manufacturing capabilities of Chinese concrete boom pump have been greatly improved. However, among the three most important components of a pump truck - chassis, pump and boom, parts of customers or manufacturers still prefer to use imported products. Especially when choosing a pump truck chassis, imported products are particularly favored.

When users choose a pump truck chassis, in addition to price, they will also consider four important factors: The first is the brand. Competition in the construction field is fierce, and most long boom concrete pump users will believe that vehicles of well-known brands will bring an advantage to their business bidding.

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The second is the reliability of the vehicle. Due to the high work intensity of the pump truck, the requirements for the durability and integrity of the chassis are very high. Once the chassis fails, it will bring not only maintenance costs, but also the economic benefits of the user will be seriously affected.

The third is after-sales service. The special use environment of concrete pump trucks has very high requirements for after-sales service. Whether the after-sales service is timely will even determine whether the construction contract contracted by the user can be successfully completed.

The fourth is fuel economy. Today, as fuel prices continue to rise, pump truck fuel consumption is also a factor that customers have to consider. The level of fuel consumption will also have a certain impact on vehicle sales.

For concrete pump truck manufacturing companies, they are also faced with the problem of chassis selection. With the development of the market, the manufacturing of pump trucks has shown a trend of diversification. The length of the boom is getting longer and longer, and the load capacity is also getting larger and larger. Therefore, when selecting the supporting chassis, the concrete pump truck manufacturer also put forward some requirements accordingly:

1. The engine power output should match bodywork design requirements. The designer of the pump truck's upper body should select the appropriate engine power based on the outlet pressure and torque requirements of the designed upper body. If the two do not match, there will be problems such as the pump truck slowing down in actual work.

2. Choose choose the correct modified chassis according to different design weights and different boom lengths. The design of a pump truck must not only consider the working conditions of its upper body but also the safety of its road driving. Therefore, the matching chassis form must be selected according to the load distribution and national regulations.

For example: Generally, a pump truck with an arm length of less than 27 m uses a 2-axis chassis, a pump truck with an arm length of 27 m to 37 m uses a 3-axis chassis, and a pump truck with an arm length of 42 m to 47 m uses a 4-axis chassis. If the length is more than 52 m, a 5-axis or 6-axis chassis is required.

3. Carry out vehicle modification work according to the modification instructions provided by the chassis manufacturer. For example, Volvo Truck Company can provide each modification company with modification instructions (CD-ROM) and has a professional website to provide support for modification work.

It is precisely based on the dual choices of users and pump truck manufacturing companies that imported brand pump truck chassis have always been popular. Haomei Machinery’s boom concrete pump truck has different brands of chassis for you to choose from like Volvo, HOWO, Benz,etc.

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