High Pressure Concrete Pump for Superior Concrete Pumping

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Usually a concrete pump trailer has the following main technical parameters: delivery displacement, outlet pressure, motor power and distribution valve form. According to the marked outlet pressure level, it is divided into low-pressure pumps (≤5MPa), medium-pressure pumps (6-10MPs) and high pressure concrete pump(>10MPa).

Anyone who is familiar with the distinction between high pressure and low pressure knows that it refers to the pump pipe. Concrete pump pipes, also commonly known as concrete pump trailer pipes, can be divided into low pressure, high pressure and even ultra-high pressure according to project needs.

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When using pumping machinery, you must first ensure the safety and smoothness of the project, and use appropriate mechanical accessories according to the actual situation. The reason why truck mounted concrete pump pipes are divided into high pressure and low pressure must be different in terms of use, technology, accessories, price, installation and various parameters.

In terms of environment and installation, high-pressure pump pipes must bear higher pressure than low-pressure pump pipes during operation. For example, high-rise buildings, railway bridge piers, high-speed bridge piers and other projects that require high pressure values must use high-pressure or even ultra-high-pressure pump pipes.

When the trailer concrete pump first connects the pump pipe, even when the pressure value is low or medium, it is recommended to use high-pressure pump pipe as much as possible in this part, because this position is subject to the greatest pressure. For example, when the concrete pump is used for a high-rise building with more than 20 floors, if high-pressure or ultra-high-pressure pump pipes must be used at the beginning, the high-pressure can be used for later connection.

There are two reasons to choose high pressure concrete pipes in the beginning. The first is to ensure safety hazards when the pressure increases in the later period, and the second is to avoid the trouble of replacing the pipe body due to insufficient pressure in the later period. The low-pressure pump pipe only transports concrete to the required location more conveniently on the premise of saving labor, so the pressure value requirements are lower than that of the high-pressure pump pipe. Calculate the transportation distance to select the pipes.

There are also big differences in technology and accessories. The body of DN125 high-pressure pump pipe is generally 140mm. According to the pressure level, the wall thickness is divided into 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm, and the matching connecting flange is also 175mm or 194mm. Regardless of the special requirements for pipe body and wall thickness, high-pressure mobile pump concrete pipes pipes are all designed to meet the high pressure requirements of construction. The low-pressure pump pipe body is 133mm, the wall thickness is 5mm, and the flange can be 148mm.

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