How to Safely Operate Cement Pump Truck for Sale

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The cement pump truck for sale is modified on the chassis of a truck. It is equipped with motion and power transmission devices, pumping and mixing devices, distribution devices and other auxiliary devices on the chassis.

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Key points for safe use of concrete boom pump

1. Driving stability

The pump truck is very similar to the hydraulic truck crane when it is driving. It is just that there are more things on the pump truck. The weight of the whole vehicle is large and the center of gravity may be higher. Therefore, it is more detrimental to maintaining driving stability, so it should be driven more carefully.

2. Pumping stability

When the pump truck is pumping, the outriggers must be installed. It is not allowed to unfold the booms without installing the outriggers. Therefore, the stable area for pumping work is the rectangle drawn by the line connecting the centers of each leg.

Since the pump truck has no counterweight, a large tipping moment, and no torque limiter protection, the working stability must be absolutely guaranteed. The method adopted is to increase the span between the outriggers and move the tipping line outward.

Since the working stability of the pump truck is calculated based on the fully extended booms, it does not have uncertain factors like lifting operations, so it will not tip over under normal circumstances. However, it is absolutely not allowed to use a pump truck for lifting, because the lifting conditions are not calculated in the design of the pump truck, and the uncertain factors caused by lifting are not taken into account.

3. Rotation limit

There are many hydraulic oil pipes on the pump truck, as well as the pipe joints. Excessive one-way rotation is not allowed. A limit switch is usually used to alarm, and the allowed range is 360 degrees.

4. Requirements for work sites

For pump truck operations, a flat, solid site should be selected for outriggers, and there should be a certain distance from the slope. There must be no high-voltage wires or exposed wires within the working area to prevent electric shock accidents on the arm.

5. Safety inspection before pump truck operation

The transfer case should be turned to the operating state, and the "operating" indicator light on the pump truck should be on.

  • The key to the power-taking operation switch should be removed and put away.

  • The car gear lever should be placed in the direct gear position.

  • The outriggers should be installed as required, the whole machine should be leveled, and the tires should be about 50mm off the ground.

  • The chassis diesel engine speed, water temperature, hydraulic pressure, oil pressure and other instrument indications should be normal.

  • Oil pipe joints and concrete delivery pipe joints should be connected normally.

  • The water tank of the cleaning system should be filled with water.

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