Three Ways to Use Unilateral Support of Concrete Boom Truck

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For mobile operating machinery, the outriggers must be unfolded before work. Whether it is a crane or a concrete boom truck, this method is used to fix the chassis so that it cannot shift during work.

The concrete boom pump has various outrigger forms, including X-type, XH-type, V-type, SX-type, etc. Each outrigger form has its own different advantages and disadvantages. The form of outriggers will be selected based on the length of the boom, which can not only ensure safety but also save production costs to the greatest extent.

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At present, most of the pump trucks in the domestic market adopt the X-shaped outrigger form, which adopts the design of front telescopic outriggers and rear swing legs. When working, the legs need to be fully extended to their extreme position to ensure their reliability. We call this support method "full support".

Although the full support method is the safest, it also occupies the largest space area. If you encounter some relatively small construction sites, this support method will disable it from working Therefore, in response to this situation, designers have developed single-sided supports suitable for different scenarios. This includes front support, left support and right support. These three unilateral support methods can well cope with the lack of space in the construction site.

Front unilateral support

The front unilateral support is also called the front support. As the name suggests, when working, only the front legs of the pump truck are unfolded, and there is no hard requirement whether the rear legs need to be unfolded. In fact, at this time, the rear wheels of the chassis are on the ground. Therefore, the two front outriggers plus the tires on the ground can also form a relatively stable triangular structure.

The front support is suitable for situations where the construction direction is directly in front of the front of the vehicle. The boom can only rotate within a specific angle directly in front of the vehicle. If it exceeds this angle range, there is a high risk of overturning.

Left and right support

The left and right unilateral supports can actually be regarded as a set of mirror-image support methods. When they work, the outriggers on one side of the boom pump for sale are unfolded, and whether the outriggers on the other side are unfolded is not required.

The left or right unilateral support is suitable for situations where the concrete pouring position is on both sides of the car body. The road at the construction site is narrow and it is impossible to deploy all the legs, so the left or right unilateral support can only be used.

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