How to Operate Small Cement Pump

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RMC pump is a kind of industrial equipment that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along pipelines. It is mainly used in construction projects, roads, bridges and tunnel construction. Compared with the concrete pump truck, its price is much lower.

Moreover, its capacity is relatively small, so it is not easily affected by narrow terrain, and it is more convenient and fast to move and use. Its parts are also relatively cost-effective, and the cost of repairs and maintenance is not high.

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How to operate concrete pump trailer

1. Prevent pump clogging

1) Strengthen the quality control of concrete mixing and transportation to ensure that technical indicators such as concrete slump, workability, and pumpability meet the requirements.

2) The pumping pipeline is reasonably arranged and fully lubricated.

3) After the pump pipe is blocked, repeat the reverse pump and forward pump to gradually suck the concrete into the hopper, re-stir and then pump or tap with a mallet to find the blockage location, and then repeat the reverse pump and forward pump to eliminate the blockage.

When the above method is ineffective, after the concrete is decompressed, remove the blocked pipe and remove the concrete, and connect the delivery pipe.

2. The formwork and brackets should be ensured to have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability, and force calculations should be performed during formwork design. During the construction process, the pouring speed should be controlled, and special personnel should be set up to monitor the formwork and protect the steel bars. Once the formwork or steel frame is deformed or displaced, it should be corrected and reinforced in time.

3. When concrete pumpability is poor and it is difficult to pump due the concrete segregation, concrete ratio, concrete pumping, piping, and pumping processes should be re-study immediately, and corresponding measures should be taken.

4. The construction contractors should deign the initial setting time of concrete according to the pouring plan, organize the supply of concrete, ensure continuous pouring, and organize distribution reasonably. When pouring in layers, the upper layer of concrete should be poured in time before the initial setting of the bottom layer of concrete, and the vibrator rod should be inserted into the lower layer of concrete for no less than 50mm to prevent cold joint construction in the concrete. Welcome to leave message below to inquire small cement pump from us.

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