How to Maintain Concrete Boom Truck for Sale

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A concrete boom truck for sale is a device that integrates a pumping system and a boom system on a car chassis. The pumping system uses the power of the chassis engine to pressurize the concrete in the hopper to the pipe inside the boom and the operator controls the movement of the boom to deliver the concrete pumped by the pumping system directly to the pouring point. How to maintain it?

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1. The necessity of strengthening the maintenance of boom pump trucks

Unless commercial concrete boom pump trucks are used in large-scale special projects, generally speaking, they will not and should not be used at the same construction site for several days without stopping. Sufficient time must be reserved to maintain the boom. At the same time, when the boom pump truck is performing commercial concrete pouring operations, if maintenance and repairs are not in place, it will cause safety hazards.

2. Main points of maintenance of concrete boom pump

The piston-type commercial concrete boom pump truck is a main type of the concrete boom pump. It has three main wearing parts, namely the commercial concrete cylinder, the piston and the distribution valve.

2.1 Replacement of commercial concrete cylinders

When the inner wall of a commercial concrete cylinder is scratched or worn, it is usually taken out for repair or turned around for use. In order to facilitate the maintenance and replacement of commercial concrete cylinders, we can set a movable door cover at the bottom of the commercial concrete hopper. The opening and closing of the movable door cover can be completed by moving the oil cylinder. At the same time, the commercial concrete cylinder can also be pulled out from this opening.

2.2 Piston

Once the piston is worn, the sealing performance of the inner wall of the commercial concrete cylinder and the piston will be greatly reduced, and there may even be a problem of slurry leakage. In addition, the pumping capacity of the piston-type commercial concrete boom pump truck will also be affected.

In order to facilitate the maintenance of the piston, we can use the hydraulic circuit to move left and right to withdraw the piston and place it on the maintenance frame. When performing piston maintenance, be sure to release the pressure accumulated in the hydraulic circuit before shutting down the machine.

2.3 Lubrication system

The lubrication system is the main part of the maintenance of the concrete boom pump truck, especially the timely supply of lubricating oil to the rotating parts, such as the hopper, concrete pad and distribution valve, is extremely important. In addition, special personnel should be arranged to regularly inspect the consumption of lubricating oil in important parts. Once the lubricating oil is found to be insufficient, it must be replenished in time.

2.4 Distribution valve

As we all know, the distribution valve consists of only a few main components. If the distribution valve component is damaged, in order to effectively improve the overall performance of the boom pump truck, the most reasonable and simplest way is to directly replace the distribution valve. Welcome to leave message below to inquire boom pump price.

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