Two Popular Concrete Pump Types

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Line concrete pump

The line concrete pump is the cheapest of the three, that is concrete boom pump, concrete pump trailer and truck mounted concrete pump. It is divided into electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump. The difference lies in whether the power source of the hydraulic system is provided by a motor or a diesel engine.

The operating noise of the electric concrete pump is relatively small, but the electric concrete ump needs to set up power lines, which is more troublesome. If there is no suitable power supply or the circuit is too long, it is not recommended to choose this one. Diesel concrete pumps are relatively flexible when working. If you are in a place without sufficient power supply, it is of course safer to choose a diesel one.

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Boom concrete pump

The specifications of boom concrete pump trucks are divided into 7 specifications according to length, namely 21 meters, 24 meters, 28 meters, 30 meters, 33 meters, 38 meters, and 35 meters. Different pump trucks will be designed according to the length, width and height requirements of the chassis, mixer efficiency requirements, boom length requirements, etc. For 4 floors, you can choose a 28-meter or 32-meter concrete pump and the length is completely sufficient.

The boom part is the biggest difference between a concrete pump truck and other concrete pumps. Usually the boom consists of five parts: a hydraulic folding boom (or other forms), a turntable, a rotating mechanism, a fixed turret and a support leg.

The four legs are supported on the ground to provide a stable support for the boom. The entire boom can rotate 365° on this support. In addition, each boom section can also rotate around its own axis. The combination of these different actions allows concrete to be transported to any location.

As the most important structural part of a pump truck, the quality of the boom is the key to measuring the quality of a pump truck, because the service life of the boom directly determines the service life of the pump truck. Therefore, the design of the pump truck boom has always been a technical task. The lightweight of the boom can mainly start from structural optimization and high-strength lightweight materials.

In addition to pumping concrete upwards, the boom can also pump concrete horizontally and downwards. When horizontal, the boom rotates 180° in the direction of the chassis and then unfolds in a straight line.

If the concrete drop distance is not considered, the gap between its working distance and the length of the boom is the smallest at this time. When the boom works downward, one section of the boom can only be used as a load-bearing arm. The effective boom length is the sum of the lengths of other booms except one section of the boom, so there is a certain gap between them.

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