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What is HBT100 ready mix concrete pump

HBT100 concrete pump is a concrete conveying machine that can continuously convey the concrete that has reached the pumping condition to the construction site through horizontal or vertical pipelines. It is widely used in concrete construction projects in urban construction, mining, electric power, energy and transportation.

The working principle of the HBT100 concrete pump is to rely on the hydraulic system to pump the concrete through the pushing mechanism, and the quality of the pumped concrete and the performance of the concrete pump are directly related to the overall design of the concrete pump trailer.

Haomei ready mix concrete pump truck’s power system, hydraulic system and pumping system are reasonably matched, effectively reducing diesel consumption. The Deutz engine provides strong power for the HBT100 concrete pump. A large number of imported hydraulic parts and electrical components are used to greatly improve the reliability of the equipment; the overall modeling design of the pumping mechanism improves the overall structure of the main oil cylinder, water tank, concrete cylinder, and hopper, and the structure is more reliable and the service life is extended. The actual pumping efficiency reaches more than 80% of the theoretical value.

Features of HBT100 ready mix concrete pump truck

1. Automatic lubrication system ensures continuous operation of the equipment for a long time.

2. We provide high-quality accessories and electronic list of spare parts. The accurate and quick selection saves you from worries.

3. We insist on global procurement and select the best among the best. The man parts are all from international famous brand.

4. Three-dimensional equipment and finite element analysis are used for the whole machine and key components to obtain higher safety performance.

5. The three-dimensional optimized design of the large-inclination valve box has a suction efficiency of up to 95%, which is 10% higher than the average level of the same industry and 15% higher than the national standard.

6. The design of the one-key switch of high and low voltage makes the switching at any time, no leakage and no pollution.

7. The patented technology of full two-way cartridge valve reversing, supplemented by an independent cooling and filtering system brings small impact and high reliability.

8. It is equipped with intelligent electronic control system and diesel engine speed control computer automatic control technology.

Technical parameters of HBT100 trailer mounted concrete pump

Theory Concrete Output
(Low / High Pressure)
m3/h 106/72
Concrete Pressure
(Low / high pressure)
Mpa 20/14
Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 32
Rotation speed r/min 1480
High / low pressure switc
Distribution valve
S valve
Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke mm 200/1800
Main oil pump discharge ml/r 2x190
Motor power kw 2x161
Voltage/ Frequency V/Hz 380/50
Hydraulic tank volume L 700
Height of adding material mm 1400
Hopper volume m3 0.7
Total mass kg 8500
Concrete slump mm 100/230
Aclinic Delivery distance m 2000
Theory vertical pumping height m 410
Dimension: L*W*H mm 6600*2400*2700

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