What Is Ready Mix Concrete Pump Truck

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Which one should you choose, diesel or electric pump truck for sale? It depends on the working environment of the user.

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Advantages of diesel pump trucks

The pumping power is relatively large, and pumping can be carried out in remote areas or without power support. In many foreign projects, many working conditions are pumped in the desert. It is impossible to provide you with power in such an environment, because the environment does not allow it.

Its disadvantages

It is common sense that the engine is noisy after running, so even with good silencing technology, noise is still inevitable.

Electric concrete pump advantages

Under the condition of sufficient power supply, this pump truck is still a relatively popular pumping equipment. This pump truck is very suitable for places with residential areas or places that are easy to disturb people. The disadvantage is that it cannot run without power support.

Electric concrete pump truck trailer

The electric concrete pump trailer mainly drives the impeller in the pump body to generate negative pressure through the rotation of the motor, thereby sucking in liquid or gas, and then transporting it to the required location through the pipeline.

Features of electric concrete pump trailer

1. High degree of mechanization, less labor required, simple construction organization.

2. The transportation and pouring of concrete are continuous, with high construction efficiency and fast project progress.

3. The pumping process has strict requirements on the quality of concrete. It can also be said that pumping is a test of the quality of concrete. Since pumping is continuous, concrete is not easy to segregate during pumping, and the slump loss of concrete is not large, so it is easy to ensure the quality of the project.

4. The ready mix concrete pump truck’s pipelines can be laid to other difficult-to-reach places. There is little mutual interference with other construction machinery. During pumping, other construction work can be carried out near the delivery pipe.

5. Under normal pumping conditions, the transportation of concrete in the pipeline will not pollute the environment and civilized construction can be achieved.

6. Under the condition of proper construction arrangement, the project cost can be reduced.

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