How to Use The Concrete Mixture Pump

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The concrete mixer and pump integrates drum mixing, pumping, and hauling functions, and has a high automation program. It is suitable for on-site mixing concrete construction projects with 4-12-story buildings, small bridges, and scattered outdoor locations. The actual vertical height of pumped concrete can reach 80-100 meters, and the horizontal distance is 150 meters to 300 meters.

The small concrete mixture pump has many models, including electric, diesel and hydraulic version. Different models of mixing pumps have different power. Users can choose the small mixing pump model suitable for their own engineering conditions according to their own engineering grid load, engineering task volume, and construction period.

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The performance of a small concrete mixing pump is mainly determined by its configuration. The higher the configuration, the better the performance. At present, the best performance of a small trailer pump is the diesel concrete mixing pump. The full hydraulic system is equipped with diesel engine power, which perfectly avoids power restrictions.

One cubic meter of concrete requires 0.7 cubic meters of sand, 0.7 cubic meters of gravel and 6 bags of cement, which costs about 210 RMB, while the price of commercial concrete on the market reaches 380RMB per cubic meter. The huge price difference makes more people choose the concrete mixing pump. Then how to use it?

When preparing to use it, make sure that the equipment is normal, the radiator is turned on, and set the water timer for the water filling time, which is generally 10-11 seconds. Secondly, start the concrete mixing pump, confirm that the mixing drum is rotating normally, and install the water lubrication pipe. Then, you can let the hopper drop, lower the upper hopper to the ground, and see how many cubic meters the upper hopper has.

The vibration pump should also be started while the hopper is rising. When the hopper rises to the upper limit and stops automatically, the material door opens to start discharging. Of course, it is not allowed to frequently operate the hopper's rising and lowering switches during the discharging process. This is mainly to avoid burning out the electrical components of the equipment.

During the drum mixing process, the concrete in the drum should be visually observed at the discharging position to ensure that the concrete is fully and evenly mixed. Finally, the discharging is started, the drum rotates normally, the pumping is started, and the pumping mixing is started. This is the whole mixing and pumping process of the concrete mixer pump truck for sale.

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