How Important Is Chassis for A Small Concrete Pump Truck

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The small concrete pump truck generally refers to models with a boom length of less than 30 meters like 28 meter concrete pump. Compared with large concrete pump trucks, the biggest advantage of small concrete pump trucks is the price advantage.

Since the concrete pump truck operates in a harsh environment and operates continuously, very high requirements are placed on the chassis as the power source. The quality of chassis selection will directly affect the safety, reliability and economy of the concrete pump truck.

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The work of the pump truck is very intensive and requires very high durability and integrity of the chassis. Once the chassis fails, it will not only bring maintenance costs, but also the economic benefits of the user will be seriously affected.

1. Engine - the heart of the pump truck chassis

The engine, which is the heart of the vehicle, provides power for driving and working through its connection with the transmission device and transmission system of the entire vehicle. Just as the human heart cannot stop, the engine must not only provide sufficient power, but also provide continuous power support for concrete pumping.

Therefore, how to ensure good speed control performance and power output through calculation optimization, so that the engine can achieve stable continuous power output even when the load fluctuates within a certain range.

How to ensure that the fuel economy area of the engine is highly consistent with the common load area of the top-mounted pumping system and ensure that the pump truck has good fuel performance is the core competency of every pump truck chassis manufacturer.

2. Transmission system - main artery of pump truck chassis

The transmission system of the pump truck includes: gearbox, transfer case and drive shaft, which are like the main arteries of the human body, continuously transmitting power to the driving wheels and hydraulic pumps. If the performance of the transmission system is not up to standard, it is like having a blood clot in the artery. No matter how powerful the power is, it will not be able to continuously transport concrete. Therefore, a mature and reliable power transmission chain is the key to ensuring efficient concrete work.

3. Frame - the skeleton of the pump truck chassis

The frame is like the skeleton of the pump truck chassis and is an important factor in determining the load capacity of the chassis. The chassis longitudinal beam is usually a C-shaped structure with one or more layers of high-strength steel plates bent and nested together. It requires high strength and sufficient flexibility to cope with rugged and complex working conditions.

Once there is a problem with the chassis longitudinal beam, it will have a huge impact on the stability of the 32 meter concrete pump. Forcible use will cause the frame to tear and the boom to tip over.

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