How To Prevent The Boom Pump Blockage

Posted On: 05/04/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

How to prevent the boom pump blockage?
1, Boom pump in the installation and design of the pipeline, as far as possible to avoid 90 ° and S-bend to reduce the resistance of pumping concrete, try not to use a significant pits of the pump tube to reduce the resistance of pumping concrete, Avoid blocking.
2, checking the boom pump tubing, if the direction of a larger degree of wear a pump tube in time to switch the direction of the use of tube, if the boom pump tube is too thin when the new tube should be replaced in time to prevent the task in the process of pumping burst or due to replace the pump tube work longer and lead to the appearance of blocking.
3, pumping concrete to strictly in accordance with provisions pumping concrete mixture ratio design, strict control of slump.
4, selection of aggregate particle size must meet the requirements, should not be more than a quarter of concrete pump delivery pipe diameter.
5, in order to ensure the continuity of pumping concrete operations to ensure that the quality of concrete pouring, boom pump operation interval should not be too long to prevent clogging. Such as for some reason a long time interval, it should be about 5 ~ 10 min start a pump or anti, positive pump several times to prevent clogging.
6, pumping concrete before the application of water lubrication pipe, send mortar, sent to the concrete to prevent clogging.

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