How Long Can A Small Mitsubishi Concrete Pump

Posted On: 01/04/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

How long can a small mitsubishi concrete pump?This is a question that every customer who wants to buy a concrete pump will ask.
Under normal circumstances, the normal life of small mitsubishi concrete pump for 7-8 years. The price of the small mitsubishi concrete pump is not cheap, if you carry out regular maintenance, can improve the service life, so how to carry out the maintenance of small mitsubishi concrete pump?
1, in order to guarantee the service life of equipment, should use original spare parts.
2, small mitsubishi concrete pump environment temperature for drag pump job status best - 5 ~ 45 ℃, when the environment temperature exceeds 45 ℃ or below - 5 ℃, please contact with professional after-sales service personnel, agreed on specific matters relating to maintenance.
3, small mitsubishi concrete pump only be used for mixing, pumping pumpable concrete, shall not be used for mixing, conveying other materials. When need to stir, transport other materials, should consult with the machinery beforehand, take the necessary measures before they can try.
4, small mitsubishi concrete pump is strictly prohibited in the slope, high voltage, flammable, explosive and any other dangerous environment.
5, without approval, prohibit the machine to make any changes that may affect the security and addition.

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