How to Mix the Pumped Concrete of The Trailer Concrete Mixer Pump

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The pumping concrete mix design of the trailer concrete mixer pump should not only follow the current relevant standards and specifications, but also comprehensively consider the concrete raw materials, concrete transportation distance, technical parameters of the concrete pump, concrete pump diameter, pumping distance, etc. When necessary, the mix ratio of the pumped concrete should be determined by testing the pump.

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1. Determination of slump

The slump is a basic parameter used to calibrate concrete, and its value should meet the technical parameters of the concrete mixer and pump. The slump of ordinary pumped concrete is preferably 10-20 cm. For different pumping heights, the slump of concrete when entering the pump is also required.

The mixed concrete is affected by temperature, transportation time, pumping time, pipe length, cement dosage, etc., so that the slump will become small and will be difficult to pump in severe cases.

2. Determination of cement dosage

The amount of cement is determined according to the strength of concrete and the water-cement ratio. In pumping concrete, in addition to meeting the above requirements, it must also meet the requirements of pipeline transportation, that is, there must be enough cement slurry during the pumping process to lubricate the pipe wall to overcome the frictional resistance of the pipe inner wall during pumping. The cement consumption of the pumped concrete is 300kg/m3.

3. Determination of sand rate

The sand rate represents the relationship between coarse and fine aggregates in concrete, and its value can significantly change the workability of concrete, thereby affecting the pumpability of concrete. The content of fine sand is related to slump, aggregate gradation, and cement dosage. When segregation occurs in concrete, the content of fine sand can be appropriately increased. The specific method for determining the sand rate is: Sand rate = fine aggregate / (fine aggregate + coarse aggregate) × 100%. The sand rate of the pumped concrete should be 39% to 46%.

4. Determination of water cement ratio

The water-cement ratio is the ratio of water to cement in concrete. Because its size will directly affect the change of concrete slump, it can also have a greater impact on the pumpability of concrete.

When designing the mix ratio, the engineering strength and the slump required for pumped concrete should be ensured without segregation. The water-cement ratio of pumped concrete should be 0.4-0.65.

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