Electric Diesel Portable Mini Concrete Pump

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There are two types of small concrete pumps: electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump. The diesel concrete pumps are suitable for areas with inconvenient transportation and backward electricity where diesel engines have great advantages in the operating environment. However, small diesel concrete pump trucks also have some shortcomings like noise.

The electric concrete pump is suitable for developed areas because it is convenient to use electricity and is relatively environmentally friendly. Generally speaking, the price of diesel engines is slightly higher than that of electric ones.

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Most diesel concrete pump trailers are mainly composed of pumping system, hydraulic and electronic control system, and main power system:

1. Pumping system

This system is the actuator of the concrete pump, which is used to continuously transport the concrete mixture along the delivery pipeline to the pouring site. Under normal circumstances, it has two models: high-pressure small displacement and low-pressure large displacement. Users can choose reasonably according to the project's requirements for concrete delivery height (or distance) and displacement.

Haomei concrete pump trailer has realized fully automatic high and low voltage switching. By turning the electronic control button, high and low voltage switching can be completed in an instant, which is fast and convenient.

Another improvement is that as long as the button is pressed, the concrete piston can be returned to the water tank. Using this technology can greatly shorten the time of assembling and disassembling the concrete piston and reduce the labor intensity of the operator; at the same time, the concrete piston can be withdrawn at any necessary moment to check the concrete seal wear condition.

2. Hydraulic and electronic control systems

Hydraulic systems include open systems and closed systems. The open system has the advantages of low hydraulic oil temperature and high cleanliness; the closed system has the advantages of small hydraulic oil tank and compact structure.

The electronic control system is generally controlled by PLC, and some products are also equipped with text displays and touch buttons, which have a good human-computer communication interface.

The monitors distributed in various parts of the concrete pump send signals to the PLC controller, and the PLC controller displays the working status of the concrete pump through a text display. When an abnormality is encountered, the protection program built into the system starts immediately to protect the concrete pump trailer from damage. At the same time, the cause of the fault is displayed on the text display, which facilitates fault diagnosis and maintenance.

3. Main power system

The motive power of the towed concrete pump has two types: diesel engine and electric motor. For urban construction with increasing environmental protection requirements, electric concrete pumps are more suitable. In some construction sites where the power supply cannot meet the high-power requirements of the machines, you can choose diesel concrete pump.

Features of diesel portable mini concrete pump

1. The maximum theoretical pumping displacement is 90m3/h, which makes the work more efficient and speeds up the construction speed.

2. With PLC intelligent control system, the system operates reliably.

3. It is with wireless remote control. Since the traditional central control console is eliminated, making the equipment operation easier.

4. It adopts a fully hydraulic reversing open circuit hydraulic system with small reversing impact.

5. The advanced S valve system uses imported seals to ensure good sealing and reduce the chance of pipe blockage.

6. It uses the world-famous brand Weichai Deutz diesel engine as power, with high power and low fuel consumption.

7. It is loaded with high-efficiency Shenlong cleaning fluid to facilitate cleaning of hoppers and conveying pipes.

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