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Concrete pump trailer, truck-mounted concrete pump and concrete boom pump are all concrete delivery equipment, which use the pumpability of concrete to transport concrete to designated pouring points. These three types of equipment are also the most common concrete machinery on the market. However, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The towable concrete pump is the cheapest of the three.

The towable concrete pump is a concrete conveying machine that continuously transports concrete that has reached pumping conditions to the construction site through horizontal or vertical pipes. It is widely used in concrete construction projects in urban construction, mining, electric power, energy, transportation and other fields.

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Compared with concrete pump trucks and truck-mounted concrete pumps, trailer pumps are small and flexible, have high site adaptability, low investment costs, and simpler maintenance. The towable concrete pump consists of a power system, a pumping system, a cooling system, a lubrication system, a cleaning system, a hydraulic system and an electronic control system.

When choosing the displacement, you must first consider whether it is commercial concrete or on-site mixing. If it is on-site mixing, you must consider the feed volume of the concrete mixer per unit time and the distance of the pumping distance, etc. Under normal circumstances, for actual pumping (suitable for pumping concrete), the vertical height = outlet pressure (Mpa) × 10. For example, a 13Mpa concrete pump can normally guarantee a vertical distance of 130 meters and a horizontal distance of 390 meters(130 meters x3).

China truck mounted line pumps for sale usually adopts S vale. Its swinging nozzle is flat and easy to adjust after wear. Its sealing performance is very good, so the S valve pump has a higher delivery height than the gate valve pump of the same specification. Designed using the parabolic principle, the material flow is more reasonable and the resistance is further reduced.

The limitations of the concrete pump trailer are mainly reflected in the size and slump of the concrete aggregate that meet the pumping requirements. In addition, it is difficult for a concrete pump trailer to pump dry hard concrete, adding to its limitations. When the temperature is very low, it is not easy to construct. Labor savings are the main reason why customers buy it.

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