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What is HBTS60 concrete line pump

HBTS60 concrete line pump has a concrete output of 60m3/h. Its vertical and horizontal pumping distance is 300 meter and 1200 meter. All the main parts are all from the well known brand at home and brand like Weichai Deutz. S valve and open circuit type makes the the pumping and maintenance high efficient and simple. HBTS40 towable concrete pump is a smaller model than HBTS60 concrete pump.

Features of HBTS60 concrete pump trailer

1. Double open hydraulic loops with two pumps make the system structure simpler. The main pumping oil circuit and the S-valve swing oil circuit are independent of each other. The reliability of the whole system is also much higher as well as the components’ life is prolonged greatly.

2. ØDistributing hydraulic circuit adopts constant pressure pump, which can provide strong distributing pressure and economic energy control.

3. Compared with similar domestic products, the electric control system is the simplest, the number of components is the least, and the reliability is the highest.

4. Equipped with a wired remote control device, it is convenient for long-distance operation.

5. Consumable parts such as wear plates and cutting rings have undergone continuous technical research and have a longer service life. When the pump is in a good state, the maximum life of the wear plate can reach more than 30,000 cubic meters.

6. Our unique lubrication system ensures the necessary lubrication of the concrete cylinder piston and all required lubrication parts, prolonging the life of the concrete piston and other seals.

7. The radiator equipment makes the working oil temperature of hydraulic system below 70℃ and makes the machine in normal status.

Technical parameters of cement pump machine



Diesel engine model

Weichai Deutz

Max. Theoretical.Concrete Output

60 M3/h

Concrete Pumping Pressure

13 Mpa

Hydraulic System

opened type

Concrete Cylinder Spec.(bore*stroke)

Ф200*1600 mm

Hopper Capacity


Diameter of Pump Exit


Hopper Heigh


Theoretical.Max.Delivery Distance(Vertical/Horizontal)

300 /1200 m

Electromotor Power


Electromotor Model


Rated Rotate Speed


Hydraulic Circuit Form


Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity

580 L

Fuel tank Capacity


Concrete Slump

120-230 mm

Overall Dimension(L*W*H)


Total Weight


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