Concrete Pump Truck Boom: Long or Short to Choose

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A concrete pump truck boom is a complex and expensive system, consisting of several major parts, including a car chassis, a boom system, a turret, a pumping system, a hydraulic system, and an electrical system. When working, concrete is unloaded into the hopper at the rear of the pump truck, and the pumping system presses it into the delivery pipe and discharges it from the terminal pipe.

The concrete boom pump is mainly used for projects with large concrete pouring demand, large volume and ultra-thick foundation concrete pouring and high quality requirements. Since the boom has the functions of amplitude adjustment, folding and rotation, it can pump the concrete within the reach of the boom.

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The characteristics of long boom pump trucks are longer chassis, longer booms, and more space required after the legs are unfolded. After the chassis length increases, its overall flexibility will decrease; the longer the boom, the worse the stability of the boom when working; and the larger the unfolding space of the legs, the higher the requirements for the construction site. Therefore, the long boom pump trucks have both advantages and disadvantages.

With the continuous improvement of construction conditions and environment, and the continuous development of boom manufacturing technology, long boom and high-efficiency boom-type concrete pump trucks will be more and more favored by the international market. In the next 3 to 5 years, the demand for pump trucks with boom lengths below 40m will decrease, and pump trucks with boom lengths of 45m and 48m will become the mainstream of the market.

The longer the boom, the higher the conveying height, the larger the pouring coverage and height. The boom length of the pump truck depends on the model of your pump truck. If you lengthen the conveying boom at will, the conveying pressure may not be enough, and the concrete cannot be pumped up. If it is lengthened too much, it will be unstable.

Compared with long boom concrete pump truck, the biggest advantage of small concrete pump trucks is the price advantage. Because of its small size and fewer boom sections, its price is much lower than that of large and medium-sized machines of the same type. This price advantage is very attractive to customers who want to buy concrete pump trucks but do not have sufficient funds. Welcome to inquire concrete boom pump price from us.

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