Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Save Human Resources And Materia

Posted On: 28/11/2016 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

Trailer concrete pump as a common construction machinery, because its relatively low price, simple operation steps, was welcomed by many small projects and family.
It is because of concrete construction method needs large proportion of personnel which is very inconvenient. Secondly, the equipment transitions need small trucks which cause much transport and handling difficulties. Thirdly, the trailer concrete pump is always set in a fixed location until the completion of the project which makes the equipment utilization rate is very low.
So when meet big project,we suggest customer choose truck mounted concrete pump.Customers in selecting machinery, not only look at price, but also according to yourself specific purposes.
With the trailer concrete pump, truck mounted concrete pump has the following advantages:
1.Set mixing, pumping, transporting functions in one unit which can effectively improve the efficiency of construction.
2.The power system is equipped with high quality engine with low fuel consumption and high pumping speed which can complete the production of concrete 40m3/h with high efficiency.
3.With high degree of automation it only needs one person to open the equipment and two do cloth pipeline and feeding is directly done through small loading cars which at least save half of the staff.
4.The motor performance is good. After the completion of the work in one project it can be quickly transferred to another project to continue the work and it can also be responsible for several works of cement pump with high equipment utilization.

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