Pumping Displacement Of Concrete Pump

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The pumping displacement of concrete pump:

First, mechanical adjustment

Change the size of the throttle opening by changing the size of the throttle valve. Advantages are low cost, the disadvantage is that the manual must be adjusted in the car, away from the pump for the use of remote control operations, driving a lot of inconvenience, and the adjustment accuracy is low.

Second, the engine speed adjustment

Adjust the engine speed to change the displacement of the main pump, resulting in changes in pumping speed, to achieve pumping displacement control. The change in engine speed also changes the speed of the movement of the rod, which may become irreconcilable in construction.

Third, electric proportional valve adjustment

Electric proportional valve to adjust according to the different methods of electric control is divided into the following two ways:

1, wireless remote control output PWM signals directly proportional valve to drive the displacement control, wireless remote control output of 200-600 ma PWM signal directly proportional valve to drive the displacement control, realizes the pumping capacity stepless speed regulation, overcoming the mechanical adjustment method can realize remote control question, the disadvantage is that once the malfunction of the remote control in the control panel can't realize the pump displacement.

2, Proportional Amplifier Board Output PWM Signal Drive Displacement Control Proportional Valve

Through the (remote control / panel control) switch, you can easily achieve the wireless remote control or control panel control amplifier input side of the adjustment, so that the proportion of amplification board output 200-600mA PWM signal drive displacement control proportional valve.

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