Processing method of stationary concrete pump pipe blockage

Posted On: 25/05/2017 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

When you meet stationary concrete pump pipe blockage situation,what should you do ?
When simultaneously conducting pumping—reverse pumping operation and checking along the pipeline, use wooden hammer to beat the part that is identified as blocked, which will disintegrate the blocked aggregate sometimes, so that the pipe recovers unblocked; if such beating is ineffective, prohibit using hammer or other articles that may damage the pipeline to thump.
If the blocked part is judged correctly, disassemble the blocked section, clear the concrete away and reassemble it, thus, the pumping can be conducted continuously.
If the blocked part is far away from the pipeline end, when reassembling the blocked part being cleared, the air lock impact of this blank pipe section will result in blockage again. Under this situation, clear the concrete in the pipeline behind the blocked part by gas washing and water washing, then reassemble the pipe to pump. When the pipeline is relatively long, disassemble and clear the pipe section by sections.

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