Key points in concrete boom pump operation

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In the construction site for the use of concrete boom pump concrete pouring, should check whether the water diversion is placed, the first pouring concrete should be calculated according to the aperture to ensure that the depth of the first buried pipe is greater than 1m. In the process of pouring concrete, the height of the concrete surface is measured when unloading the pipe.
When filling, hang the hopper with the main hook of the car crane and connect it with the catheter. When the infusion is started, the sand bag is set at the bottom of the funnel. When the amount of concrete is filled in the hopper box, the wire of the sand bag is cut and the concrete is suddenly dropped and quickly falls to the bottom of the hole and the tube is wrapped to complete the back cover jobs.
In the process of concrete pump spare parts pouring concrete should be filling the side of the lifting pipe, so that the concrete is often in a state of flow, as far as possible to shorten the interval between the removal of the catheter. Perfusion of a plate, the timely detection of the rising height of the concrete surface with the measured thickness of the catheter in the concrete, under normal circumstances the depth of the catheter control in the 2 ~ 6m, that is, before the demolition of the depth of not more than 6m, After the demolition of the depth of not less than 2m.
Also note that the continuous filling of concrete, a short time to stop, often start the catheter, so that the concrete to maintain adequate mobility.

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