Cement Pump Machine Safe Operation Rules And Details

Posted On: 29/09/2016 | Posted by: Haomei Concrete Pumps

1. The pipeline of the cement pump machine should be firmly supported, the connectors should be firmly coupling cannot be pressurized or hanging weights on the pipe.

2. Check and ensure the electrical equipment of the trailer concrete pump is intact. All instruments are normal, transmission security devices and the hopper filter are complete and reliable and safety. All operation switches, buttons, handles, etc. should be in the correct position.

3. Check the coupling parts and ensure no loose. The tightness of the drive chain should be maintained within a predetermined range.

4. Open the release valve and turn on the motor idling for 2-3 minutes, check whether the components in the normal direction of rotation are correct.

5. During the pumping process, pay attention to the pressure gauge. If the pressure is over the prescribed pressure, users should immediately identify the reasons for troubleshooting.

6. Check ball valve, valve seat and extruded tubes wear condition. Leakage happens, users should stop to check and repair it.

7. During the downtime, open the vent valve so that the pressure drops and maintain. Do not remove the air chamber, pressure relief valve and piping, valve seat when concrete pump pressure drops to zero.

8. During the operation, it is prohibited to make any adjustment and maintenance work.

9. When the concrete mixer pump stop working, first stops feeding the concrete and pumping all the concrete in the machine. Shutdown sequence according to the following:

(1)Stop pumping, while giving the accumulator pressure accumulator.

(2) Turn off the power source.

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