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Removal the common faults of concrete boom truck


If you are often in contact with concrete boom truck, it is necessary to understand some of the most common problems encountered by concrete boom pumps. The operator of concrete pump truck must maintain according to the maintenance manual of boom pump, and carry out preventive maintenance before equipment maintenance, so as to ensure the smooth progress of construction.

The following lists is some common faults in the use of concrete pump trucks. Users can quickly judge and troubleshoot the faults with reference to avoid delays in construction and occurrence.
Common faults of main pump system: the piston of main cylinder does not move, and the possible reasons are as follows: the connection of pump start button drops off; the intermediate relay burns out;
Electromagnetic commutation valve failure, generally for the burnout of electromagnets;
The main pump displacement adjustment knob is not adjusted properly; there is too little hydraulic oil in the tank; the filter element is seriously blocked; the throttle plug is controlled to block up;
The main cylinder does not commute, the possible reasons are: the solenoid of the solenoid commutation valve burns out; near the bottom of the switch is stuck by grease or other objects, resulting in short circuit, clearing the bottom of the switch.

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