How to deal with motor problem of concrete pump truck

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  Mixing motor plays an essential role in a concrete pump truck. It serves as heart for the whole equipment. Any damage of the motor will not only influence normal operation of the truck but also lead to serious waste of hydraulic oil. The how to solve the problem? To solve a problem we should first figure out the reason.
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  In the working process of a mixing of a concrete pump truck motor if mortar goes along stirring shafts to an end of the shafts, sealing element is likely to be damaged, which causes leakage of hydraulic oil and breaking down of the motor. The reason for this might be that gaps exist between stirring shafts and sealing elements & copper bushes. Mortar flows into ends of shafts and leaks out, which is further strengthened by exterior circulating force generated by moving concrete. Besides, sealing elements functions by resilience of their own. The flexibility, however, reduces and even disappears easily after long term use, alkaline corrosion as well as condensation and shock of concrete. Therefore, mortar gets between the sealing elements and stirring shafts effortlessly. This makes it quicker for the elements to be worn because mortar serves as wearing medium now.

  Based on the information above, we can conclude that the key to solve the motor problem of a concrete pump truck should be working out sealing problem. To do that we can increase amounts of flange discs and short shafts so that mortar will have no chance to contact with the motor. In addition, two extra sealing oil paper can be used onto the added flange discs in order to improve sealing effect and prevents mortar out of the motor. Further more, leakage holes should be made under newly increased flange discs so as that leaked mortar fail to condense on the discs. This method, proving to be effective in practice, helps to avoid damage of sealing elements, extend service life of the motor and reduces waste of hydraulic oil.

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